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On Good Terms

Posted by Barbara Inge Karsch on May 2, 2010

After 12 years as corporate terminologist, I just left a full-time position at Microsoft. Over the years, I have encountered and solved many different terminological puzzles. In this blog, I’d like to share puzzles related to the individual pieces–the words and terms–the good, the bad and the ugly; to the tool they reside in, also known as a terminology management system; to the processes with which we move those puzzle pieces; and last but not least to the people who play the puzzle, their skills and challenges.


3 Responses to “On Good Terms”

  1. Licia said

    Welcome Barbara!
    It’s great to see that you started blogging and will share your terminology insights with us.

    In bocca al lupo!


  2. Riccardo said

    Hi Barbara,

    Welcome to the blogosphere! looking forward to reading your blog.


  3. Heike said

    Hi Barbara,

    nice to see you blogging and sharing the insight of terminology.
    Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

    Viele Grüße und alles Gute!

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