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Guest Blog for SDL

Posted by Barbara Inge Karsch on August 23, 2010

Tom Smith from SDL and I did an interview-style blog on the SDL blog site. If you are interested in terminology management and branding, among other things, check it out.


2 Responses to “Guest Blog for SDL”

  1. Selja said

    Great interview! I’ve been following your blog for a while and I find it very interesting and well-written. Thanks.

    I hope you won’t mind a question prompted by something you and the interviewer said.

    Let’s say you need to set up entries for two concepts:

    1- A website with regular entries of commentary descriptions of events etc.

    2- An entry made by someone in a blog

    [definitions from Wikipedia]

    Would you consider 1 the superordinate concept and 2 the subordinate concept?
    Which terms would you associate to each entry? I assume you would regard blog and weblog as synonyms (entry 1), but would you include blog as a synonym also for entry 2, in addition to post and, possibly blog post, and if so, how would you classify it?

    I am not a native English speaker, so bear with me if I am getting it all mixed up, but I noticed that blog is taking on also the meaning previously only associated to concept 1, cfr your post (“I did an interview-style blog on the SDL blog) “; Tom in the SDL blog: “I’ve been reading your blogs“; and “we’ll have you back on this blog very soon”), so I would like to know your terminologist’s take on this.



    • Selja,
      You are right in that we are using the term ‘blog’ for multiple concepts:
      1. The website…
      2. An entry on said website…
      I believe meaning 2 is actually better expressed by the term ‘blog posting’ or simply ‘posting.’ As for their relationship, you could say that there is a partitive relationship between ‘blog’ and ‘blog posting’, in other words “a posting is part of a blog.”
      Good catch! I have been trying to avoid using “blog” for the second meaning, but failed to do so today. I’ll leave it as is to show the kind of confusion that could arise when we fail to be precise.

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