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Poll: Users and resource reliability

Posted by Barbara Inge Karsch on June 19, 2011

Writers, editors, translators and other professionals rely on language resources, such as terminology databases. Since they are compiled by humans, they might contain errors. How often would you consult a resource which seems unreliable?


2 Responses to “Poll: Users and resource reliability”

  1. Licia said

    Maybe you should add the option never? If I know beforehand that a resource is unreliable, I don’t think I would consult it!
    On the other hand, there might be scenarios where an unreliable resource is still useful to find alternative, “secondary” pieces of information. For instance, I might know that the target language content of a bilingual glossary is unreliable, but I might still use the source language part to get an indication of concepts that occur in that concept system and with that information find alternative, more reliable reference material. Example: let’s say I need to find an equivalent target term for X; thanks to the unreliable resource, I discover that it is related to Y, Z and W. If I already have target terms for Y, Z and W, I can look for target language material that contains target term equivalents of Y, Z and W, compare them with similar source language texts, and, with a bit of luck, I’ll be able to find the target term I am looking for, consistent with the terminology already established for that portion of the concept system (and also seen in context).

    • Ciao Licia! You are right, there are all sorts of scenarios to consider. I was hoping for people to respond on the emotional level. And if they shared scenarios as a comment that would be very much appreciated, too.

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