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Terminologist position at IBM Canada

Posted by Barbara Inge Karsch on October 1, 2012

There are not a lot of trained terminologists around the world and not necessarily a lot of positions either. I get questions on how to find a job from students and former students often enough. From now on, I will try to provide ways to make that connection and also post job openings. Here is one from IBM.Microsoft ClipArt

Job Title: Terminologist

Main Responsibilities include:
The terminology group helps product developers, writers, and translators use the correct terminology in IBM products and materials. The group currently has an open position for a junior terminologist. Regular tasks include creating and updating terminological entries in a multilingual terminology database, and identifying terms from an automatically extracted corpus that are relevant to translators. The position includes the following additional responsibilities:

  • Researching and defining new terms
  • Using a terminology management system to create, update, or streamline definitions, and add other metadata such as parts of speech, grammatical information, and context sentences
  • Using sound terminological principles, establish relationships between synonyms and other related concepts
  • Importing new terminology into the database and exporting existing terminology into various forms of output including glossaries and bilingual dictionaries
  • Working with writers and translators worldwide to establish a controlled vocabulary


  • Excellent command of English with excellent writing and communication skills
  • Education program: Linguistics, Terminology, Semiotics, or Translation degree

    For more information see the job posting.

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    4 Responses to “Terminologist position at IBM Canada”

    1. said

      IBM can’t even get the job description right. Its not an “automatically extracted corpus”… its “terms automatically extracted from a corpus”

    2. simonevi said

      I thought this page could not get better, I was wrong!! Thank you very much for this post. I just can’t wait for the next.

      I teach Terminology in Brazil. My students are translators to be and when I talk to them about job positions, such as this one you mentioned, they just laugh at me, not being able to imagine such a thing! I mean, a terminologist is a person they have never ever heard of. Now I can show them I real example.

      Thank you!

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