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Terminology internship at Eurocopter in France

Posted by Barbara Inge Karsch on October 8, 2012

I am glad there is such enthusiasm about the job postings. And, lo and behold, here is already the next opportunity for a budding terminologist.Microsoft ClipArt

Eurocopter (Marignane) is looking for an intern for a 6-month internship. 

At the start of 2012, Eurocopter launched a terminology standardisation project to improve the coherence of its deliverables and its customer satisfaction. This standardisation is essentially targeted at technical terms and more specifically the names of parts, titles of drawings and the names of systems, generally called "designations".  To improve the quality of its terminology, Eurocopter has implemented designation or terminology rules, a process and a French/English terminology database.

Eurocopter is looking for an intern to support its team of terminologists and assist them in their daily work.

For more information see the job posting.


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