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ATA Preconference Seminar

Posted by Barbara Inge Karsch on August 7, 2011

The program for the 52nd ATA conference in Boston was just published. This year, Sue Ellen Wright and I will offer a preconference seminar.

Terminology Management for Translators
Barbara Inge Karsch and Sue Ellen Wright
(Wednesday, 9:00am-12:00pm; All Levels; Presented in: English)

This seminar will discuss best practices for translation-oriented terminology management, emphasizing pragmatic solutions for working translators designed to ensure long-term viability of terminological data. Topics will include fundamental principles, basic data fields for term entries, strategies for establishing target equivalents, and the avoidance of future problems and data loss. The benefits of following best practices include increased translation efficiency and accuracy, better source-language documents, reduced quality assurance costs, and an overall improvement in translation workflow and quality.

To register, click on the image below.

American Translators Associatin (


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